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The idea of the Substance Using person “hitting bottom” before being able to access help is simply a false idea. In today’s time, rock bottom is often death, making it too late to access treatment help.

     A well performed intervention is the sum of several moving parts operating at the same time in an orderly fashion.  At CohesionTN, we have experience in knowing what parts need to move and at what time. We offer intervention in a gentle and respectful manner so as to offer maximum help. Our Certified Intervention Intervention help will offer a quality experience for you and your loved ones. We keep in mind that the whole system around the Identified Patient is suffering and offer a compassionate stance to move things into a thriving position of health.

   A few of the moving parts in the intervention generally include the use of the power of the group,  making proper plans for the orchestration of the intervention, hiring quality adjunct professionals as needed to assist in transport, and lastly picking the best and most appropriate treatment center to fit the needs of the client and client system. Affordability of treatment for the client is always considered and we have a list of various treatment centers to help meet the need.

     Please contact us at CohesionTN for a a consult on whether or not a full intervention or brief intervention is needed and can save the life of your loved one. We can be reached at, or 615-414-2995.

Please be notified that CohesionTN does not participate in marketing agreements with any one treatment centner and is a member of the Network of Independent Interventionists, following industry ethical standards for informed and fair interventions.