Cohesion Counseling Services 


A successful marriage requires falling in love
many times, and always with the same person.
-Minion McLaughlin



Do you want to get back to good?


Relationships can be very satisfying and at times they require more. Like anything, the more work one puts in, the better the functionality, the more tools you will have to navigate, and the better the long term outcomes.  Life, undoubtably, throws us curveballs and uncovers things we did not see coming. That can feel like quite a pot-hole or even dead end, when it comes to our journey as a couple.  At Cohesion, we understand that utilizing couples counseling is done for the emotional health of each individual and the couple as a whole. We tailor each session to help both parties feel heard. We make sure to address individual concerns in a fair and neutral manner, each issue treated with respect no matter how big or small it may seem to you or your partner.

The word “counseling” can be a big, and often intimidating, word. But the truth is that ALL relationships will eventually need repair, coaching, and support. At Cohesion, we start “where the client is” to get down the the structural root of the issue(s). We clear the air, in an open and safe environment. We will teach you the ways in which to learn to use new tools to navigate the ups, downs, pressures, and rewards of long-term relationships.

Please note that many insurance providers cover our care and treatment plans. Contact us today to find out if we are in your network or to discuss cost and payment options regarding your care.