coun·​cil | \ˈkau̇n(t)-səl  \
An assembly or meeting for consultation, advice, or discussion

Counseling, simply put, is talk therapy. Working together with a trained and experienced therapist, the individual, couple, or family can discuss issues, find ways to address them, and learn how to utilize tools and skills for a healthier future.

Our sessions, your thoughts, and the conversations are private. We encourage you to be completely open and honest in your session so we can better tailor our approach, helping you and your loved ones regain a happy and healthy relationship and life. Along the way, we will identify behavioral habits and uncover thought processes related to what makes you, you. The more you understand about your own behaviors and actions, the better we can equip you to manage them, in a beneficial way. Therapy is not a rigid outline or a checklist of dos and don’ts. It is about to coming together in a safe place, and working to achieving the self’s highest potential.

At CohesionTN, we focus on counseling and intervention services for those affected by eating disorders, substance abuse, and addiction. We know that every situation has its own set of variables and there is no “standardized approach” that works for everyone. That is why we encourage your feedback along the way. This is part of that open and honest method. If something in your order-of-care does not seem to work for you, let us know. Solutions come in many tactical forms, and it is a matter of finding the right one for you and your loved ones.



One-on-one, confidential therapy designed to help you achieve your highest potential. What once may have started as enjoyment, now feels out of control. It may affect a few or all areas of your life. Take the first step in regaining control and accepting that tomorrow can and will be different. 


Relationships can be very satisfying and at times they require more. We make sure to address individual concerns in a fair and neutral manner, each issue treated with respect no matter how big or small it may seem to you or your partner. Counseling can seem like a fated word, when brought into a relationship, but ALL relationships require work. We will help you uncover the tools for navigating a long, successful, healthy relationship.


Humans are tribal, by nature. Our family is our core-tribe. When addiction and intervention become wedged in the nucleus, the results can be disruptive and detrimental to long-term relationships. If you feel like you have tried everything to keep your family together, and nothing has worked, it is time to take the first step and contact someone to help guide you through the process of getting back to good.