Employee Assistance Program Services
Rebecca Bullion, LCSW is a provider for many EAP panels. EAP is offered by a client’s employer as part of a benefit package and usually covers 3-8 sessions at no cost to the employee. In order to see if Ms. Bullion is a provider for your panel, please check with your human Resources department or the EAP company. Please note that single case agreements are often made between the provider and the EAP company if convenient resources for counseling are not available within that company’s EAP panel of contracted providers.

Evaluation services are offered and conducted at the 2200 21st Avenue So. office location. Cohesion Counseling can also help you get your driver’s license reinstated after suspension due to DUI violation, as part of custody dispute, or any mandatory employer referral.

Department of Transportation SAP Services:

Ms. Bullion has been a Certified DOT Substance Abuse Provider (also known as a Qualified SAP) since 2003. SAP Return to Duty Process evaluations and services are offered at the 21st Ave. South office address in Nashville. If you would like to request Ms. Bullion as the SAP in your FMCSA case, please call and also request her through the DOT Clearinghouse. SAP services are required for violations in all departments under the DOT, but the clearinghouse is used for CDL drivers only. Ms. Bullion is experienced in managing Return to Duty under all the Dot departments including FAA, PMHSA, and FRA, FTA and USCG.

Professionals Support Group
Cohesion Counseling offers an aftercare program for professionals who have completed alcohol and drug treatment. Currently this group meets on Thursdays at 10 a.m. via telehealth. Members of this group are often being monitored by a professional licensing board with monthly reporting required by a counselor. Please call 615-414-2995 to make a referral or ask any questions about this resource.