Cohesion Counseling Services

If you or a loved one are struggling with personal or professional issues, we can help. We provide individual, couple, group and family therapy services, offering tailored and integrative treatment plans.

The goal of our program is help you, or a loved one, start treatment and achieve a healthy life balance. To do this, we educate not only clients, but also their friends and family, providing concrete suggestions and building action plans to create solutions. Together, we will uncover the steps necessary for a happier, healthier, more productive life. At Cohesion Counseling Services, we know that in many situations that by the time help is sought, relationships feel broken, hearts are bruised, and healing can seem impossible. Let us help you, and your loved ones, back from the depths of spiritual, financial, physical and emotional exhaustion. Contact us today to get started.


Cohesion offers individual, couples and family therapy services for depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, eating disorders, substance use recovery. Learn more about the founder of Cohesion here…


Don’t wait. Take action now. Get back to living a life that will help to connect with those around you. Our services can help you or a loved one find fulfillment in this journey. All inquiries are confidential. Contact us today and break the cycle.


Read, listen, and watch more about some of the topics affecting people with addiction. We cover everything from order of care plans, personal stories of struggle and success, interviews with industry’s experts, as well as discovering the stories that surround the loved ones of those with addiction. Tune in to start your journey of recovery…


Evaluation services are offered and conducted at the 2200 21st Ave. South office location. Cohesion Counseling can also help you get your drivers license reinstated after suspension due to DUI violation, as part of custody dispute, or any mandatory employer referral.