Founder Rebecca Bullion

The goal of our program is help you, or a loved one, start treatment and achieve a healthy life balance. To do this, we educate not only clients, but also their friends and family…


“I have worked in the field of addiction and intervention for 23 years, 18 years in private practice. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Intervention Professional and Certified Trauma Therapist. Primarily, my practice focus has included substance abuse and eating disorder counseling, as well as therapy for depressionanxietytrauma, and codependency.

CohesionTN provides services for level of care placement in referring to rehabilitation centers and mental health treatment, alcohol and drug assessment for legal purposes, as well as case management (pre and post-treatment).

Since 2008, I have been a Certified Level I and II EMDR trauma therapist. Since my 2010 training in Crisis Intervention Stress Debriefing, I have offered my expertise to conduct stabilization management in the aftermath of employee deaths, bank robberies and other crises. I have been a Certified Intervention Professional since 2011. I am also certified by the Department of Transportation as a Substance Abuse Provider since 2003.

Our radio shows and interviews with guest speakers talk about issues involving intervention, substance abuseeating disorderscodependency and other types of addiction and how loved ones of those suffering with these addictions can intervene. Our show will also talk about current issues with newer drugs and social problems that they cause. This would include bath salts, methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana and other such drugs. Your calls and email questions will be entertained at the end of most shows.

I am a current member of the National Association of Alcohol, Drug and Addiction Counselors, and the Network of Independent Interventionists.”

Rebecca Bullion