We hear the term “emotional balance” a lot, but what does it really mean?  

It is so easy to get overwhelmed in today’s world.  Inside of the trappings of overachieving and “busy-ness” is just that… a trap.  When it feels like that and that there is no way out, addiction can grow and increase as a “stress reliever” or what I often call a “chemical vacation”.  Whether the chemicals a person is addicted to are their own, via process addictions, or the chemicals in a substance, we establish chemical imbalance in the body when too many stress hormones are in the blood stream. Getting emotional, logistical and spiritual needs met starts to establish and re-establish the balance and decrease the stress.  Sometimes it requires just letting go. One of the slogans in 12 Step programs is “Let go and let God.”   To me, this means not trying to control everything and allowing God to actually be able to do some work. One thing about God, he lets us have freewill.  In light of that, it is when we decide to move that things can start to fall in place.