Emotional Balance vs Chemical Vacation

EMOTIONAL BALANCE vs CHEMICAL VACATION We hear the term "emotional balance" a lot, but what does it really mean?   It is so easy to get overwhelmed in today's world.  Inside of the trappings of overachieving and "busy-ness" is just that... a trap.  When it feels like...

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Gasoline and Fire

GASOLINE & FIRE Two addicts or alcoholics in a romantic relationship are like gasoline and fire.  The passion runs high on the positive end and on the negative end. Often times these relationships are filled with psychodrama and vicious arguing.  Two people...

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Addiction • Nature or Nurture

ADDICTION • NATURE or NURTURE In the rooms of AA, one often hears, "Do you drink because you have problems or do you have problems because you drink?"  Truth be told, it's both. I once read that SHAME is the greatest determining factor as to whether or not a person...

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In this episode, we will interview Dr. Jon Caldwell, psychiatrist at the Meadows Treatment Center in Wickenburg, AZ. He will address how early life attachment and bonding affects Emotional Stability and addiction in later life. We will address how he uses mindfulness to treat emotional dysregulation in maladaptive attachment patterns.

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  CUTTING EDGE TREATMENT for EATING DISORDERS In this episode of Addiction in America [now CohesionTN], we will be interviewing Dr. Cathy Reto, Director of the Eating Disorders Program at Pine Grove Treatment Center. We will get a good overview of the issues and then...

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  INTERVIEW WITH DR. RALPH CARSON Author: What's the Matter with Your Grey Matter In this episode we will talk about what happens to the brain during the course of addiction and recovery. We will address necessary care points for good addiction recovery when it comes...

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