Cohesion Intervention and Counseling Services

The idea of a substance-using person “hitting rock bottom” before being able to accept help is a false truth. Today, rock bottom is often death, making it too late. A well-performed intervention is the sum of several moving parts, operating at the same time, in an orderly fashion.  We specialize in the smooth transaction of those cogs.    



  • Power of the Group
  • Hiring Quality Professionals*
  • Choosing Most Appropriate Treatment*
  • Affordability*


Our Certified Intervention Specialist has worked with many unique situations, allowing for a deep understanding of what happens in disorder, addiction and abuse settings. We know it is not just the person affected with addictions or disorders that is suffering but the entire care group around them. Our goal is to navigate you, and your loved ones, to an empowered place of individual health and provide the tools for successful long-term outcomes. Our approach works with the support group of close friends and family, allowing the intervention to take place in a gentle and respectful manner.

Please note that many insurance providers cover our care and treatment plans. Contact us today to find out if we are in your network or to discuss cost and payment options regarding your care.

*CohesionTN does not participate in marketing agreements with any particular treatment center and is a member of the Network of Independent Interventionists, following industry ethical standards for informed and fair interventions.


An eating disorder can be, not only physically destructive, but can also cause emotional damage. It is a serious health condition which can result in death. An early diagnosis can enhance recovery.


Addiction and substance abuse, most likely formed out of an initial feeling of enjoyment, relief, or the need to have control. It used to make the affected feel better but is now, or has been, out of control. Substance abuse can affect a few or all areas of social, work, and familial life. Seeking help from an outside source is the first step to regaining control and accepting that tomorrow can and will be different.


Mental health counseling is put into play to achieve emotional wellness. Working with a variety of treatment plans and options, we specialize in areas of addiction, substance abuse, and eating disorders. These can be a result of trauma, desire for control, chemical imbalances, abuse, and many other catalysts. Together we can identify underlying causes to current issues and work to address and cope with, or solve our problems.