Cohesion Counseling and Intervention Services

Tough Love stands up and voices the truth. It attempts to pull the person from the flames instead of waiting for them to step out of the fire.

Sometimes it is difficult to know when, or if, intervention should be considered.  Those that watch addiction advance often become immune to the longer-term effects because they see the individual managing as a “functional” addict. Often, those surrounding the individual will think that the addict is “going through a phase,” or suffering from emotional issues and just “working through something.”  

Addiction becomes a prison. It is a primary disease, meaning it can arise spontaneously and it is not associated or caused by a previous disease, however, it may lead to a secondary disease (a new condition cause by the addiction).

When does substance abuse turn into addiction? No one really understands when abuse turns into dependence, the diagnosis between the two is not as important as stopping the destructive path as soon as possible.

If you have considered that a loved one might be on this journey, please contact us for a free 15-minute consult. Waiting can only prolong the problem and delay the benefits that intervention brings.